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What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Parody! Key of Awesome #57

Uploaded By: Administrator. Added on: 24 April 2012.
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One Direction Parody!
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Written By Mark Douglas, Todd Womack, Bryan Olsen

Boy Band Members:

Jason Michael Miller
Monroe Robertson
Ryan Russell!/nayrruss
Jan Uczkowski
Travis Flores

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Look at my face, so sweet and pure
They let me sing even though I have a stu-u-uter
We're hangin' tough We punch the air
Cus like the honeybadger we don't f***ing caaaaaare
This song was made by a gay computer
We all sing high cus we're neutered
Baby we make real bands go home and slit their wrists.
We are the seventh sign of the apocalypse
We running now cus we don't know what water is
You don't know Oh oh You don't know we're terrible
You thought that boy bands were dead, and gone,
But just like cancer, and aids we're still going strong
10 million tween girls and old perverts can't be wrong.
Let's all point and run
Pointing at stuff is such fun Point Point
We don't know we're almost done
What's going on? I see your thong
Girl, did you know that I've got the same one ooon
We're on the beach doing a sport
We didn't bring any beach stuff not even shorts
Here comes a girl who was paid to be here
Lets all split one luke warm beer
Me and my four friends all want you so desperately
Now that I say that out loud it sounds quite creepy
Come back here, you're not in danger of pregnancy
Cus we don't know oh oh
We don't what boners are
Now lets do the nana part
This is the part where we na nana
Every hit song needs a na nana
You'll wake up at night screaming na nana
My grandmothers nickname is Nana
And now I'll point at the place where you make babies
I want somebody to grow old and point with me.
I like the fact that we wear the same size Capri's
I don't know oh oh
I don't know that I'm gay yet
Someday he'll come out of the closet
In five years I will O.D. on heroin
One of will be the Justin, I think it's me
Oh I don't think so, bro I will be the Justin one
You will be the fat Fatone
F**k you
I will be in Musicals
Wow, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
3515 days ago